The tradition of giving loved ones gifts on the occasion of a wedding anniversary originates from the middle ages.  During the 1920s, an American writer named Emily Post, looked to solve the problem of which gift to give on various wedding anniversaries, as well as a list of suggested wedding anniversary themes. These themes have come to represent the traditional ones for every marital year, however in recent years, a more modern list has been drawn up. 

However, after the 15th Wedding Anniversary the traditional anniversary gift list only provides a theme for every fifth year up until the 50th and then the Diamond Anniversary being the Seventy-fifth year. Over time, all of the years have been given a theme from 1 to 25 years of marriage, and then combining every fifth year up until the 75th anniversary.  ​​​​​​

We're hoping that we've made it easier for you to select a gift and by going into each year's anniversary category, we've provided some ideas for gifts as well as a short description about that particular anniversary and what it stands for both traditionally as well as from a modern view. 

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