A wedding is such an important and memorable milestone in the life of any couple.  It brings friends and family together for the celebration of the couple.  It's an ideal opportunity to commemorate the love two people feel for each other, whatever the ups and downs of married life may be.

In many cultures, wedding anniversaries are considered to be very important and are celebrated in various ways that are significant and meaningful. An anniversary is a reminder to the couple of their commitment to each other.  The origins of presenting loved ones with gifts on the occasion of a wedding anniversary dates back to the middle ages, when husbands in the Holy Roman Empire would present to their wife a wreath of silver on the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary, and a golden one should they reach the milestone of 50 years of married life.

During the 1920s, an American writer named Emily Post, wrote a book entitled, 'Etiquette' , of suggested gifts to be given for wedding anniversaries.  In her book she included a list of accompanying themes for each of the wedding anniversaries. However, over the years, a more modern list has been drawn up. All of the years have been given a theme from 1 to 25 years of marriage, and then incorporating every fifth year up until the 75th anniversary.

Having compiled all the possible lists, we have each anniversary with an explanation of the traditional and modern themes and some gift ideas for the relevant anniversary year.

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