We all love gifts, we all love giving gifts but its interesting to know how this all begun, here at Distinctive Gifts we love every gifts, so we love researching for this blog post. We give gifts for so many reasons and occasions, such as birthdays, a new baby arriving in the world, people getting married, someone graduating from university and even when someone passes their driving test, and why not, life should be about moments and celebrating as much as possible.

Gift giving goes back as far as cavemen, it is documented that the more generous a male was, the more easily he attracted a female, so its incredible to know that gift giving served in evolution.

Gift giving has also been practiced within Native American cultures for thousands and thousands of years, they have a event called ‘Potlatch’ which is a gift giving feast, this was to celebrate births, deaths and marriages, in this event the main focus was always the gift giver, rather than the receiver, the size or wealth of gift gave status to someone and their family.

Gift giving grew of the years and it grew at a very steady pace within Europe, this can even be seen in history between countries, a great example of this is France giving America the world famous Statue of Liberty on the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, that certainly is an big gift and one that is now visited daily by tourists. The most expensive gift ever gift goes to the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan whom reined in India’s city Agra between 1628 – 1658, he gave his wife Mumtaz Mahal the very iconic and huge treasures of the world the Taj Mahal, this beautiful landmark took 20,000 people to construct and without question it is priceless today. One very lucky lady!

Christmas is without a doubt one of the biggest gift giving holidays and traditions, we all know the madness of shopping and wrapping presents! But we love Christmas here at Distinctive Gifts, its full of magic, love and creates the most beautiful memories.

Gifts have been part of our world forever and we love that, buying that perfect present is wonderful and seeing someone you love beam with happiness is just priceless. Gifts is what we do here, and we make sure that everything is of the best quality, whilst being affordable, take a moment to look at our products and giving someone something special.

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